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Timm (left) and Nick

I told you a month or so ago about my great experience meeting some of the Dior team at the Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend show.  Read about it here and here. (Timm did the beautiful look on the model at the Trend Show)    I had an opportunity last week to meet Dior national makeup artist, Nick Caridi, and have my makeup done by him and to spend some time with all the great people from Dior again.

First of all, let me tell you (again) how NICE everyone at Dior is- Mary, Timm, and all the artists.   They make you feel so welcome and they educate you on their products (so I hope to pass some of that on to you) and besides being a great makeup artist, Nick is just downright funny!

Artist Timm prepped my face and her removed my makeup with Dior Cleansing Water for Face and Eyes.  It is refreshing and perfect for those times when you don’t want to go thru your whole nightly cleansing routine.

He then applied Capture Totale Multi-Perfecting Creme to my face and Capture Totale Eyes to my eye area.   Capture Totale is the line of skincare that would best suit my skin.   It works on the total skin – correcting signs of wrinkles, firming, dark spots and moisturizing by getting to the dermis of the skin and working to preserve that layer – thus making all the layers above healthier and plumper – meaning it smooths out the wrinkles ladies!  Gotta love that!

On my under eye area he used Dior Hydrating Concealer to not only cover under eye circles or red spots, but to moisturize those areas as well.  No cakey concealer here.   Then Nick took over and used Capture Totale Foundation to give my skin the benefits of skincare along with coverage.   He then topped it with Diorskin Airflash spray makeup to “seal the deal” and give my skin an airbrushed look.

After prep and foundation it was on to begin the color.   First beginning with eyebrows, Nick took a spooly brush and brushed my eyebrows downward in order to fill in bare spots.

Nick Tip #1 – Your kitchen teaspoon has many purposes.  One of them being to cover your eye with the teaspoon and follow the shape of the spoon to create the shape of your eyebrow.   No need for clumsy templates.  Take a small brush and fill in with a matching eye shadow color and follow the lines of the spoon.

The Dior 5 Colour Palette in Beige Massai was the one he chose for my eyes (Geena Davis has purchased this from Nick too).  First using the lightest cream shade all over my lid, he then applied a liner to the upper eye.

Nick Tip #2 – Take Diorshow mascara and take your LIP liner brush to pick up color.  (This works best with Diorshow mascara as a fiber type mascara will not work) Apply thickly all along the lash line – no need to have a perfect line.

Nick then took a black pencil liner to extend the liner and made the most exaggerated cat eye line you can imagine.  I actually began to panic a bit, wondering what the heck he was doing!    He then took a medium eyeshadow brush and blended/smudged the cat eye tail into a smokey outer corner of my eye.  Whew!

Then from the palette he took the sponge applicator (I didn’t think anyone ever used those anymore) and made 3 vertical stripes on my eye beginning with the dark brown shade on the outer corner near the smudge, then the rusty shade in the middle and finally the lighter tan shade on the inside.   I thought to myself this is the oddest application of eye shadow I have ever seen!   He then took a large fluffy brush (he called it his Don King brush because of the way it looked) and blended the two lightest shades of the palette and blended together and took it to my eyes and blended the whole thing all together.   The trick is to blend, blend, blend.

Nick Tip #3 – if you have a shimmery shadow on your eye and you feel it’s too shimmery for you, then take a translucent powder and cover your eyeshadow with the powder.  It keeps the shadow color, but tones down the shimmer.

The medium brown shade of eye shadow was placed under the lower eyelashes.  Which, with my eyes, makes a red ring between the lower lashes and my eyes.  I hate that.   Nick’s solution?   Take a green liner  (it tones down the red) and line your inner eye without it looking like a green liner.  It neutralizes the redness.

Mascara was the next step – first a blue shade was used on my lashes to make my eyes pop, and then black was used over that.   It mostly covers the blue, but leaves a hint of blue to keep the whites of your eyes bright looking.

Nick Tip #4 – to curl your lashes, instead of using an eyelash curler, take that same spoon you used for your eyebrows and turn it outward.   Put the edge of the spoon along your lashes and place your thumb under your lashes pressing them into the spoon – thus giving you curved lashes.

Next blush was applied to the cheeks.

Nick Tip #5 – to find the perfect shade of blush for you, squeeze your hand into a fist.   When  you release your fist, look at the colors of your fingertips.  The color mostly resembles that of an “outdoor flush” for your cheeks.

Nick used Bronze Harmonies blush in Spiced Desert on my cheeks.   Application placement is important and Nick has great placement tips for that according to your face shape.

Nick Tip #6 – if you have a rounder shape face, use the “3” on the side of your face beginning with the temple to the cheek to the jawline.    If you have a thin face apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.   If you have a medium width face, take your pointer finger and thumb and open them wide.   Place the finger on the tip of your nose and the thumb at your earlobe and follow that line along the edge of your hand to place the blush.

My lips were lined with a waterproof pencil in Coco Shake and filled in with creamy Rouge Dior lipstick #555, and topped with a shimmery gloss #657 and lip plumper.  Highlighting under my eyes with Diorflash Radiance Booster was the finishing touch to my complete makeover.

My face looked great!  And of course, I took a photo of them, but forgot to take one of me!   I promise you, it looked fabulous!    I hope you give some of these great “Nick Tips” a try – they really work great!  And visit the nearest Dior counter to see all the beautiful palettes.   Oh, and I LOVE the spring “Lady Dior” compact – oh so trés chic – be sure to check that out as well.