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It’s here!    I was at Nordstrom over the weekend for a beauty event, but with the store being so packed it makes it difficult to really take time and look at all the new beauty items.  So I went back last night and what did I find  that had arrived just that day?   You guessed it – the one holiday item that I have been dying to see – the Dior Minaudiere!

For just the patent leather case with houndstooth imprint alone I was in love, but the beauty inside has me thinking this will be the one item that I will treasure for a long time.  

This is the Pink Gold version of the eye shadows that is available at all locations except Saks.  Their version is an exclusive Grey Gold.    I felt the Grey Gold might be too dark for my skin tones and this Pink Gold version is a perfect alternative for me.    All the shades have a very light golden shimmer, not golden that you might be afraid of too much gold, but golden as in barely recognizable and beautifully glowing. 

The shades are a medium to dark plum taupe that’s almost a muddy plum (I mean muddy in a good way!) rich with color.  The middle shade is a medium taupe with some pink in it and then the lightest shade is a whitish pink.  

Lift up the Dior golden cover on the right side and two glosses are revealed.   On the left is a pink with a hint of coral which goes on pretty sheer and on the right is a very sheer pink that could even be used as a highlighter if you dare.   On the inside top of the minaudiere is a full sized mirror.  

This is simply gorgeous!   I was discussing with Gena at Nordstrom about how classy this would be to carry even on its own, a beautiful gem to have in your hand.  

If you want to grab one quickly, as I know these will go fast, call Gena at Nordstrom at 952-883-2121.  She is a doll and would be happy to send one out to you