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While working the other day at the Macy’s Dior event with national artist Jeffrey Sanchez, we received a surprise with the new Dior Fall 2011 Collection arriving!   It’s called Blue Tie and I’m sure it will be a hit!

The palette is of course, gorgeous.  Reminiscent of the holiday palette in the minaudiere, this is a shiny silver compact with the Dior cannage pattern in a quilted metal texture.  As someone commented, the packaging of this palette is special like a holiday set.  Very elegant.  Inside are four shades of blue and silver and to the right of the palette is a silver door that when opened reveals a coral pink lip color.   I like how that protects the lip shade from getting flecks of the shadow in it.


This is the display – sorry about the not-so-perfect image, it’s difficult to take great photos inside a store.   But as you can see the different shades of blue and silver and the different textures of the shadows.   Typically I’m not a blue shadow person, but these are blues that I go for (not light blue shades)


Above are 3 different angles and different ways the shadows hit the light.   The top shade is the top left shade in the pan which the purple base really shows through on that shade.  The second shade down my hand is the top right shadow in the pan. The 3rd shadow down on my hand is the bottom left in the pan, which is an intense shade of blue, but has a nice shimmer/sparkle to it.  And the bottom shadow is the bottom right shadow in the pan a deep grey/silver shimmer.  Below are the shades applied for a smoky eye.



In my excitement, I forgot to swatch the lipstick (not a sheer gloss) from the palette!   It’s a very pretty medium coral with a hint of pink.  It has nice coverage and already was a hit with several people!   This lovely palette retails for $70.

For fall they also introduced 4 new shades of Rouge Dior lipstick.  All lean towards the warmer tones ranging in a very pale to a medium darker shade.

#651 Tourbillion Pink

#314 Beige Angelique


#741 Rose Allegro (my favorite)

#428 Pisanelle Rose


The two new blushes that go with the collection are a softer nudish pink/coral and a vibrant coral with a reddish base.


In the image the right half of the blush comes across is very gold.  Even though it is a soft pinkish tone with gold in it, the camera reflection shows more gold tone that it appears in person.  The #839 Vintage Pink blush has my name all over it!

This blush, #889 Pink in Love is a vibrant pop of color.  Many were raving about this and I tried it on thinking it would be way too bright and not a good fit for my pale skin.   But, everyone liked the tone and the pop of color it gave my usually neutral toned cheeks.

There are more additions to the collection which include two new nail polishes #908 Tuxedo – a navy blue and #219 Beige Safari – a soft warm beige shade.

In addition to the lipsticks shown above, there are 6 new Serum de Rouge lipstick shades.  These are more sheer than the original Serum de Rouge lipsticks and I will swatch those at a later date.