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Dior has new 5-Color Designer Eye Palettes that are simply lovely and quite simple to use.   They are all beautiful, but a couple of them caught my eye – especially this Nude Pink palette.  


This is definitely a fabulous palette – so wearable for day or night.   The shades have a slight shimmer to them, all except the top right which is quite a bit more shimmer/glittery.   The bottom right shade is the creamy eyeliner.   I made the most gorgeous smoky eye look with the palette this weekend, and I’ve also created a fabulous day look as well.   The shades are so workable – ranging from the lightest white/pink, to taupish pink, to neutral pink to a chocolate pink liner.

The nice thing about this too, if you’re the type who is afraid to experiment on your own, the case comes with instructions on how to create a look as well as a plastic overlay that tells you what each color is for.


With the reflection in my photo it is difficult to read, but they say:

  1. Base
  2. Color
  3. Shadow
  4. Shine
  5. Liner

It comes with the standard sponge applicators, but on one the end is not sponge but instead a stiff brush for using the liner.

All the available shades are beautiful, but the other palette that I’m in love with is the Smoky Design one – beautiful shades of grey from light to the darkest for a grey tone smoky eye.

The case is different from their other 5-palettes as well.   It says DIOR on the top, but then there are the initials CD in a holograph on the top – the case alone is worth checking out!

Stay tuned for some really exciting Dior info later this week…  !!!