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I cannot tell you how gorgeous these Dior Smoky 3 Couleur Eyeshadows are – we got to see them in person at Dior training last week and we were all dying to get our hands on them!   They should be arriving at stores any day now.   The shades are:  Smoky Pink, Smoky Khaki, Smoky Brown, Smoky Nude, Smoky Black, Smoky Navy.

There are a lot of women, countless women, who love many of the shades in Dior’s 5 Couleur Eyeshadows, but so many of you say that you’ll never use all of them, or you like 3 of them but not the 4th or 5th color and that just feels wasteful.   Well ladies, your comments have been heard!   These new 3 Couleur Smoky palettes are so wearable and in a nice range of cool and warm, light to intense shades.   The term “smoky” can be a bit misleading here too – many women hear the words “smoky eyes” and run for the hills.

With the lightness of some of these palettes, smoky can really take on a new meaning of soft and wearable.

The larger shadow at the bottom of the compact is a creamy powder – velvety soft and then there is a matte and a shimmer shadow on top.   One of the applicators has a brush end that is actually usable in touch up situations or if you aren’t the person who has a set of brushes to use.  The case is beautiful in typical Dior fashion, instead of popping the top the top slides out and a mirror pops up.   It isn’t quite visible from this angle of the images, but it is very chic.

And to throw in more excitement, they’re also coming out with 6 new waterproof eyeliners that are retractable.  They are available in black, chestnut, slate, navy, plum and mint.  I think several of these will be must-haves as well.

Don’t you just love fall beauty?!