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Compacts by Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is offering¬†limited edition Zodiac compacts for the 2013 holiday season that are beautifully created works of art! They are golden compacts encrusted with crystals and contain refillable Lucidity Translucent Pressed Powder. This powder is a must have because it will set your foundation without altering the color. It provides a luminous finish that visibly smoothes the appearance of your skin. This setting powder will provide a flawless finish and will be a welcome addition to any woman’s cosmetic collection.

Leave it Estee Lauder to create these Astrological compacts packaged in a velvet pouch for only $ 49.50 and – in keeping with spirit of this company, who, since 1946 has made it a point to make all women feel confident about themselves -they have included with each compact a positive description that will flatter anyone born under the corresponding sign.

This is a great gift idea for the upcoming holidays. You will proudly whip out this compact to “powder your nose” and feel special each time you do.

Here is a sampling of the descriptions that accompany each Zodiac compact:

Capricorn – (that’s me!) – Possesses strong work ethic, strives for perfection.

Virgo – Meticulous and detail-oriented, organized and thorough.

Aquarius – Open-minded, outgoing and an independent thinker.

Gemini – Bright and witty, quick thinker.

Aries – Adventurous and fiery; the life of the party.

Libra – Diplomatic and charming, maintaining long-lasting and happy relationships.

Sagittarius – Seeks adventure, optimistic with a positive attitude.

Leo – Full of pride, passion and generosity – a natural leader.

Pisces – Deeply romantic and poetic, artistic and intuitive.

Scorpio – Independent, ambitious and hardworking.

Taurus – Thoughtful, creative, loyal, possessing an eye for luxury.

Cancer – Exceptionally caring and sociable, a born nurturer.

Which one of these lovely women are you? Surprise your holiday gift recipients with these beautifully crafted and inspirational compacts. Available at Nordstrom and Macy’s, or wherever Estee Lauder is sold.