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I have long been a fan of Giorgio Armani Beauty products so I was truly jazzed whenever my beauty representative called to tell me that they just launched a complexion corrector cream, also know as,”CC cream”. You may wonder what the differences are between “BB” creams”, or beauty balm creams, and “CC creams”. The main difference is that complexion corrector creams amp up the treatment part of the product. It tends to go on more matte than BB cream, which ¬†tends to concentrate more on the moisturizing elements. Giorgio Armani Lumninessence CC Cream contains SPF 35 and addresses ruddiness in your skin by ridding it of discoloration through diffusion.

Giorgio Armani Luminessence CC CreamThis product is available in 8 shades, all of which are well represented in the swatches shown on the Bloomingdales website. My Armani makeup artist matched me to shade 5, which is a medium yellow undertone, and it was spot on for my own personal complexion needs.

For those of you that can face the day sans foundation, this will make your skin appear well rested and is suitable for sunscreen use. If you need foundation like I do, you would use this as you would a primer prior to foundation.

Homemade-Lemon-and-Lavender-Toner-Recipes-for-Glowing-ComplexionI love the glimmer and glow that I get with this Luminessence CC Cream. Giorgio Armani Beauty does it again and it was definitely worth the wait.

$ 50.00 for a 1.01 ounce tube at Bloomingdales.