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BOOM! By Cindy Joseph is a unique line of products for those of us who wish to embrace our age, no matter young or old. I tested her Boomstick Mini Trio, which are identical to the regular Boomsticks but in a size that is similar to a lip balm, and thereby totally portable.BOOM! By Cindy Joseph Mini TrioBoomstick Mini Color is appropriate for use anywhere that you would like to look flushed or healthy. It is goes on super sheer and after application settles down to a color similar to your own, only healthier. This stick was perfect for use on my cheeks as an “on the go” blush. I appreciate the fact that these are small enough to fit perfectly into my makeup bag and that they glide on effortlessly.

Boomstick Mini Glo is a 100% organic, honey-based moisturizer. It is safe for use anywhere that  you want moisture and protection. I used it on my cuticles and also as a lip treatment before bed and I adore it for its ability to provide sheen. It is the identical formulation as the Boomilk moisturizer, only in a solid formulation.

Boomstick Mini Glimmer creates a luminescent glow and I used this stick on my eyelids and over my regular lip color to add a little glimmer and shine. It would also be beautiful to accentuate your cheekbones.

This genius set of 3 Boomstick Mini’s can be purchased as a set for $ 32 or sell for $ 12 each individually.

Cindy Joseph had a 25 year career as a makeup artist before becoming a supermodel at age 49. She has compiled her vast knowledge of beauty products to create this line of multipurpose cosmetics designed for those of us who desire a natural, no fuss look. Her website contains informative & entertaining tutorials on how to get the most out of her product line.Cindy JosephI actually mixed all 3 of the Boomsticks together to create a shimmery glow to apply on my own skin. These sticks are equally flattering to those with light skinned as they are to those with darker skinned…AND they will leave you luminous!

Product was sent to Fab Over Forty for purposes of review. Opinions are my own and yours may vary.