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Bobbi Brown Palettes

Exciting news at Bobbi Brown! You may recall me mentioning that Bobbi is going to new packaging with a mix and match palette system. I had mixed feelings about the whole thing because what about the money invested in the old packaging and the great train cases that she had to fit those pieces? What about some of my great round packaged colors – last I heard they do not fit into square pegs!

Well, I’ll just have to get over it, because the new system is here and it’s great! You can mix and match any eye shadows or cheek powders in any combination you want, it all will be customized with what YOU love – not a palette that has maybe 2 colors you are dying to have and then hate all the rest. The compacts fit perfectly in your handbag so they’re great for on-the-go, or keeping in your makeup drawer like I have (which will soon have to become a makeup closet)! There is also some new colors in the collection, so be sure to check it out!