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Can you believe this GORGEOUS palette from Bobbi Brown?  After my rant last night about things in general, I opened up my new Bergdorf Goodman catalog and saw this piece of beauty staring back at me.  

I L.O.V.E. the black plum shade Bobbi has done  (the Longwear Gel Ink liner – bestill my heart) and now this incredible palette all created to work with  that shade.  Genius! 

What’s so great about black plum?  Well, who doesn’t love plum – most people do, but some have a difficult time wearing certain intensities of it – if it’s too red it makes my eyes look bloodshot and some others do not like black as it may be too dark and intense for their skintones and well, black is just everywhere.   Black plum is the perfect combination and if you don’t own anything black plum I highly recommend you to get something now!

But back to this palette.  It includes 3 eye shadows, 3 cheek colors, 3 lip colors and five brushes customized to work with the palette, all wrapped up in this beautiful black plum case.   It’s $245 available at Bergdorfs and probably Neiman’s as well.   It’s so new, you’ll have to call or go into the stores because it’s not showing on their websites yet.

I am officially out of my funk now.  Happy September!