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BECCA Cosmetics was created by Rebecca Morrice Williams, a makeup artist from Perth, Australia.  She was looking for the perfect foundation that concealed blemishes, but also looked and felt natural, met the demands of makeup artist and the busy modern woman.  That’s quite a big requirement!  She had a difficult time finding such products, so she went about creating her own line called BECCA.  

I’ve been testing some of the BECCA products and have to say I am really liking them!   Today I’m going to concentrate on the complexion products.  The only product in the line that I’ve used before was the loose powder, which I listed as one of my “Favorites of 2009” for beauty products.   The powder is so light it’s virtually untraceable and gives skin a beautiful finish.

The BECCA line believes that a flawless complexion is the basis for beautiful makeup.   Her line doesn’t offer five six or even as few as eight shades of foundation and/or concealer.  No, BECCA offers no less than 34 concealer shades and at least 30 foundation shades!   That’s incredible!

Compact Concealer – Each compact comes with two formulas.   One is a medium formula that works well in the undereye area and the other is extra-cover formula for blemishes.  I’ve been using the shade Cashew and applying with the concealer brush and then tapping the concealer into place.  It conceals smoothes out beautifully. 

Stick Foundation – A stick foundation can be so convenient to use, but if it’s too sticky or you can’t find a shade to match they are a turn off.    I’ve been using a shade that matches my skin tone beautifully, which is Cashew.   I place a swipe down my nose, across the forehead, a spot on the chin and a couple swipes on my cheeks, they don’t need to be heavy swipes either.   Then I take my foundation brush and blend.   It blends very easily and smoothly and gives my skin a beautiful finish.   If you have really dry skin, I probably wouldn’t recommend a stick foundation.   This is great for normal or oily skin, the coverage is definitely buildable and when in a bind you can double it as your concealer.   The BECCA stick foundation has SPF 30, which is wonderful!  It also contains vitamins A, D & E.

Luminous Skin Colour Tinted Moisturizer – A very sheer tinted moisturizer that blends into skin beautifully!   This too is buildable and if the first application is too sheer for you, you may want to add another layer.   In doing so, it still won’t be heavy, but light and slightly dewy.   Mostly, it just blends into the skin so nicely it is virtually undetectable.   This foundation has an SPF of 25+, contains vitamins A, B, C & E and anti-inflammatory and antisepctic ingredients.  Luminous Skin Colour is good for all skin types.  If your skin is oilier, you won’t need to use a moisturizer underneath, if you are really dry an added moisturizer won’t change how beautifully this makes your skin look.

I think when the BECCA line was created, Rebecca hit the nail on the head when trying to reach her goal of having concealing features, but keeping it natural looking.  It creates a beautiful canvas.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the color products in the line.

Products sent to me by PR firm.