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Gina Brooks, Beauty Director for Hourglass Cosmetics

Hourglass Cosmetics recently re-packaged their popular Extreme Sheen lip gloss and I know why it’s their best selling.  It’s a lovely lip gloss with a creamy smooth texture.   It has vitamin E and of course as Hourglass is known for – no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates and it’s synthetic dye free.  With the gloss being so lovely, my only wish is that the brush head be a bit more full.   But, because I like this gloss so much, I’ll overlook it.   

Gina Brooke, Artistic Director for Hourglass Cosmetics, and makeup artist extraordinaire to Hollywood Celebrities like Madonna, Anne Hathaway and supermodel Naomi Campbell.  With her very busy schedule I was fortunate to ask Gina to offer Fab Over Forty readers a few beauty and makeup tips for women over 40.   Here’s what she had to say:

1. Hydration is the #1 factor to youthful looking skin. When skin is dehydrated, fine lines and wrinkles are enhanced. Hence, the more you hydrate your skin, the younger it will appear. I recommend using Hourglass’ Veil Mineral Primer. This miracle primer locks in moisture and keeps skin looking fresh and beautifully prepped for a flawless makeup application. I’ve used the Veil Mineral Primer on Madonna and Naomi Campbell, making their skin look youthful and polished.  (See Fab Over Forty Review)

2. Foundation is the canvas for beautiful makeup. But as we get older, our foundation should also contain the best quality anti-aging ingredients. I use Veil Fluid Makeup, which contains matrixyl, a very powerful anti aging ingredient that works against fine lines and wrinkles. I love that it’s a full coverage foundation which is excellent for women who struggle with melasma, uneven skin tone, rosacea, etc. 

3. It is important to contour your bone structure using light instead of dark shadows. Apply a highlighter, such as the one in Hourglass’ crème-to-powder duo, to the high points of the face: apples of the cheeks, down the bridge of the nose and jaw bone. Each time the natural sun light reflects off the face, it will bring forth the bone structure and add an illuminating glow to the skin, and ultimately give a more youthful appearance.   (See Fab Over Forty Review)

4. Many women over forty look best with color on their lips. Hourglass’ Femme Rouge Velvet Crème lipstick in Fable and Prodigy Lip Gloss in Eden create the perfect nude lip. This will add softness to the face without giving a washed out effect. Fresco and Nocturnal are also great colors for everyday and for pure elegance, one could never go wrong with Icon, Raven or Muse for a pop of color.  (See Fab Over Forty Prodigy Review and Femme Rouge Velvet Review)

Thanks Gina for your great beauty tips!