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Need a quick fix to a beauty problem?   Here are a few quick fixes to get you through the day

  1. Use triangle sponges for removing makeup mistakes not just for applying foundation.  If you have a mascara smudge or too much blush or eye shadow powder has specks on your cheek?  Take one of these sponges and rub it out – it’ll be gone in a flash.
  2. Are your lashes so long they make marks on your eyelid?   Right after applying mascara, turn your blow dryer on cool and low speed and aim at your lashes.  It will help the mascara to dry quickly and prevent smears.
  3. Have unruly fly-aways?  Use a clear mascara to tame fly-aways.  You always wanted to know what to use clear mascara was for!
  4. Have your cheeks lost their lustre?  Press moisturizer into cheeks to re-bloom your blush
  5. Out of nail polish remover and you smudged your polish?  Top your nail with clear coat and rub to smooth out.
  6. Polish your nails and don’t have time for them to dry?   Run your nails under cold water for a quick dry fix.
  7. Has your hair gone flat and you need a lift?  Hot Tools makes Velcro rollers that are metal lined that offer a quick fix.  Roll in your hair, give the rollers a shot of warm air with your blow dryer and in 2 minutes you have full, voluminous hair.

Do you have a favorite quick fix you’d like to share?