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Reader Martha asks Fab Over Forty- “I love this time of year when all the companies have their beautiful holiday collections out.  But, I tend to over-buy and under-use what I purchase.  Can you give me some tips on what I should be looking for?”

That’s an excellent question Martha!   In the next few weeks I plan on featuring some of these gorgeous holiday offerings, but in the meantime here are a few tips on what to keep in mind when looking at holiday beauty:

1.  Ask yourself “Is it a value that I will really use?”   If you are interested in purchasing a palette that has several eye shadows in them or a full face palette – will you use most or all of the colors or are you excited because of the price?  If not, it’s not a value at all.  If one or two shades are what have caught your eye, see if they have them available in a single or if another line carries something similar.

2. Avoid overly glittery products.  Having a nice shimmer can be beautiful, but leave the flaky glitter to the young girls.  It just ends up looking like you’re trying too hard to be young.

3.  Would you use the makeup once the holidays are over?  To get your best value, think about other special occasions that you could wear the makeup.  If there is only one time you will be wearing a special look, then look to the drugstore brands to give you a similar look at a better value.

4.  Are you comfortable in the colors?  If you are, then by all means purchase them!   But, if a sales associate has asked you to step out of your box, which is OK, but you just feel uncomfortable with the look, you can almost guarantee you won’t wear the look again.   Ask her/him to give you a look that may take you a bit out of your comfort zone, but not so far your don’t recognize yourself.

5.  If you have been wanting to buy nice brushes, many lines have great value sets of makeup brushes around the holidays.  Find one you know that has several brushes you will use and buy it.  It’s an investment that’s worth getting.

6.  Consider buying one nice holiday beauty purchase and then if you still want more, look to the drugstore brands for the extras like fun nail polish shades or a great holiday red lipstick.

7.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the holiday excitement of new beauty looks, so check out all the fun holiday beauty lines and then go home without buying.  Write down some of your favorite pieces you saw and wait a day to go back and see if you love it just as much.  If it still speaks to you, then go ahead and buy!


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