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I originally saw this palette at Chanel online.   But every time I looked at it, it always said “Back ordered”.   I waited for months for it to become available and wondered if it was new or old.  It never was at any of my local department stores that carry Chanel either.   Finally I was ready to give up.   But then, I thought I’d call the NYC Chanel Soho store to see what was up with the Les Regards palette.    Well, I spoke with Tim and he said they had it!   It was part of the Fall 2010 Collection, but was exclusive to online and the Chanel Boutique stores.   Score!

The palette has three neutral shadows, an eyeliner and two brow shades.    Shown from the top, the top left shade is the medium taupe/pink brown with shimmer, on top right is a medium dark brown in matte, the middle left is the liner shade that is a darker brown with shimmer and on the middle right is a highlighter shade that is shimmery soft neutral with a hint of pink.  On the bottom left and right are the eyebrow shades and the left shade has a bit more red in the brown than the right one.  

I think this Chanel Les Regards is a wonderful palette for everyday use.  You can wear it light or deepen it up a bit for a more intense look.  

Here’s how I used it:  After prepping my eyelid with a primer, I took the matte brown (top right) shade and put it in the crease and just above the crease.   I then applied the taupe shade (top left) on the lid and blended the two.   I then took the lightest shade and put it on the inside corner of my eyes.   I used the enclosed liner brush and dampened it and applied the liner along the top lash line.   I then took the remainder of the taupe shade that was left on my brush and lightly swept it along the bottom lash line.   I typically don’t like how pencil liner looks on my lower lash line – it can be too harsh on my eyes.

I used the enclosed angled brush and applied the bottom left brow shade to fill in my brows.   I do have a bit of natural red in my hair, so this color probably works best for me. 

The image on my eyes shows it applied medium lightly – I used MAC 217 brush – a rather fluffy brush.   You could definitely do something more intense with these shades, another reason I love its versatility.