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Now that it’s officially summer, what does a fab over 40 woman wear for casual summer?  I like simple, classic, non-complicated pieces that look casual but not sloppy.  Here are some of my favorites this summer.

Sperry Flip Flops – While the Sperry boat shoes may be more popular than their flip flops, I like to keep my toes open while being casual.  Show off that pedicure! I love these flip flops because have nice cushion, some arch support and are polished looking and comfy all in one.

White Pants – Whether white jeans or white trouser pants, nothing can be more crisp, timeless and summer casual than a pair of white pants. Besides, they go with everything!  So simple.

Eddie Bauer T-Shirts – I have been on the search for a long time for a medium weight t-shirt that isn’t too baggy or too fitted. It also has to meet my criteria of a nice good length, too. I’m very long waisted (cursed with short legs) and these t-shirts meet all my strict criteria. They come in round neck, v-neck, crew neck and a nice assortment of colors.  And they’re on sale right now!

Mens Style Watch – If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with watches. Especially a man’s style watch. How great is this one by Timex. Classic, casual yet polished and you and your man will be fighting over who gets to wear it.

Michael Kors Aviators – Seriously, does Michael Kors ever go without them? No, because they are the perfectly casual, yet they say “I’m cool” classic piece. Invest in a good pair of aviators as they never go out of style.