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Every year Macy’s is host to Glamorama. There are only a few held around the country and one of the locations it is held is here in Minneapolis. It features a high energy fashion show and music is by a well-known musician and the vibe is exciting and contagious. Proceeds of the monies raised go to various organizations, but here in Minneapolis and Chicago (not certain about the other locations) the main focus is on Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

Glamorama 2014

Lancome is a sponsor and Alex Sanchez and his Lancome team put in countless hours helping to make the show a success. Every year Alex creates a look that they do on the models and he leads his team in giving the models the high fashion look. Alex is no stranger to runway looks – he’s worked his magic for the Carolina Herrera runway and more. This year the hot shade in eyes is turquoise. Alex drew this image above and showed the left side as the runway look and the right side as the real way look and was the look created on the models for Glamorama.

Child Ambassador

Every year there’s a child ambassador featured at Glamorama and they get to share their story with everyone. These kids and their families are beyond amazing and inspiring and Alex does such an incredible job with them! Look at how beautiful this girl is from the Chicago Glamorama show! Those eyes are stunning!

When Alex comes into town he also does what’s known as a Master Class. I always learn something new and get some great beauty tips from Alex, but this year I LOVED his main tip! I’ve been telling my friends this for awhile, but his demonstration really made the point hit home. We’re always told that we should keep working in our foundation to give our skin the most natural look. Many use fingers and many of us have moved on to what has become known as the more traditional style foundation brush. Alex likes to use a buffing brush to give the skin the most natural look.  I’ve been using mine for several months and love it, but this demonstration he used was an eye opener.

Foundation application

Alex took a mirror and had a woman use her fingers to apply foundation on the mirror like she would her skin.  (Top left) then he had someone apply foundation with the traditional foundation brush (top right). But on the bottom he then demonstrated how easily you can get a more natural look with your foundation when using a buffing brush for the application.  It really allows you to work the product in and buff out all the streaks and lines and get the skin looking flawless. I couldn’t find online the buffing brush he used, but I have this one from Sonia Kashuk that I’ve been using for several months now and love.  Just look at the difference the tools can make!

If you have a chance to see Alex Sanchez at one of the Lancome counters- take advantage! He does beautiful work and makes you look stunning!