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Touchback 2

Last fall when attending a blogging conference in NY we visited a PR firm that represents all kinds of beauty products.   One of the things I saw there was this TouchBack temporary hair color.   It’s meant to cover those gray hairs when you haven’t had time to get your hair colored.  You know, those days when you wake up and think – holy cow!   When did my roots start showing so much gray!  Well, I took a pamphlet and thought that it would be good to do a story on this…sometime.

To be honest, last fall I really didn’t have a whole lot of gray hair, and it seemed that I just needed to get to the salon for overall color and highlights on re-growth rather than just because a few grays came in.   Now it’s a different story.   It’s amazing what a difference a few months can make!   Yes, I am getting more gray quickly and my every 8 weeks to the salon for color has now turned into 7 and most times should be 6 weeks and when I’m stressed – maybe 5.  Only I don’t always have the time or want to spend the money that often.

I also don’t want to do overall home color.   I’m a klutz.  I am horrible at doing the process and I’ve had one of THE WORST home hair coloring disasters ever, so it’s just not for me.   On this same trip we were at the L’Oreal offices and they held a class for us where we were supposed to color the hair on a wig.   Ummm, I think the instructor was ready to send me home!  I’m that bad!

But, when the grays started coming in faster and more pronounced I recalled seeing TouchBack and had to check it out further.   This is the easiest thing in the world to use!   It’s like a fat head magic marker and you just brush it on!  Hello, it couldn’t get more simple.   It covers the grays and washes out if you want it gone.  It doesn’t flake or come off either.   I love the convenience of the marker style applicator.   If you are traveling you can pop it in your bag and not worry about taking a whole kit of some sort with you.  The comb helps on the temples – just put it against your skin to prevent the color from getting on your skin.

It comes in 8 shades and is now available at Ulta as well as online.  Perfect to use until you can get that salon beautiful hair back.