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I have been a huge fan of Pantene for years.   It was one of my first department store beauty purchases as a child (it used to be sold in department stores) and I still recall the glorious bottle.   You can read here about my youthful Pantene obsession. 

Fast forward 35+ years and you will still always find some Pantene product in my shower and I buy it for my boys all the time.   So when I was asked to try the new Professional Level Damage Repair Ampoule Treatment for Medium Thick hair, I figured my chances were it would be a positive experience.    My only hesitation was that I don’t have really thick hair.   I have a lot of hair, but it is pretty fine.  Then on the other hand my hair does dry out quickly so I do treatments a few times a month.

Pantene Professional Level Damage Repair Treatment Medium Thick Ampoules come packaged 5 in a box and retail for only $7.99.   I took one ampoule and gave the rest to someone I know who has probably the thickest hair and it dries out easily.  That would be my sister, Loree.   But first my experience.

Because I don’t have real thick hair I opened the ampoule, which directions say to use one whole ampoule for treatment, and I used only about 1/3.   It was the perfect amount.  I left it in my hair for about 5 minutes, rinsed it out and my hair was very soft.   The real test came afterwards – would it make my hair too limp to style or did it not weigh it down?  I used my regular styling products and my hair styled wonderfully.   No weighted down, oily or heavy feeling.   Now I was mad at myself for giving the rest away!   But, I was curious if it worked for her thick hair.

Here’s what Loree had to say how it worked for her:

“Yes, I’ve used it twice now and it makes my hair feel absolutely wonderful!  Very soft and shiny after using it, but yet it doesn’t make it too limp.   I would definitely recommend it!”

OK, can you tell we’re sisters?  We live over 100 miles apart, yet we still have almost the same description!   I just laughed to myself when I read her description after I had written mine!

Now I’m determined to check out the new Pantene Pro-V Medium Thick Hair Solutions line.   If the treatment was that great, I’m sure the shampoo and conditioner will be fabulous too!