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Shu Uemura Art of Hair

EssenceAbsolue[1] (257x640)

Shu Uemura’s Art of Hair line of products have wowed me this year!   (I’ll have more to talk about soon)  I fell in love with the Prime Plenish formula of the shampoo and conditioner.   When I ran out I literally was sad and made a mad dash to a local salon that sells it.  It’s more than I’ve ever spent on shampoo and conditioner, but for me it is worth every penny.

So when I heard about a new addition to their line, Essence Absolue, I just knew it had to be remarkable as well.   It’s an oil, so many with fine, limp hair like mine one would think there was no way I would put an oil in my hair.   Wrong!   A few weeks back my hair was in desperate need of a cut and it was very dry and lifeless (more than usual).   I took a few pumps of this and worked it into my hair, leaving it in my hair all night long.    Expecting my hair to look like a stringy, oily mess in the morning, I was SHOCKED at my hair!   All the oil had soaked in and made my hair feel more thick, shiny and like magic there was bounce and wave back into my hair!   I didn’t need to do a thing to my hair that morning – which is like a miracle in itself!

Now, I wouldn’t recommend doing this treatment like I did very often.  In fact, I would only do that again when my hair is super dry.   But, you can use this “liquid gold” in many ways; put it in your hair for a treatment before you shampoo, use it overnight like I have, when you’re done styling your hair take a small dab and work it into your hair for shine and fly-away manageability.  Essence Absolue is so popular that it’s sold out nearly immediately!

What’s in this to make it so special?  It’s inspired by the Geisha and her incredible beauty of her shiny hair.  Made with Camellia Oil – it nourishes and protects the hair fiber, provides intense nutrition, protects against the sun’s UV rays, and adds incredible shine.

At $65 it’s probably priced at what I expected after seeing the shampoo & conditioner prices at $50 each.   But, a bottle will last you a long time as this isn’t used every day.   Think of it more like a beauty treatment for your hair – one that can do remarkable things for your hair!