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82nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

I thought Cameron Diaz had one of the most beautiful hairstyles of the evening at the Academy Awards. Gatsby Salon is showing us how to recreate this Veronica Lake look at home. (Gatsby Salon did not create the look for Cameron)

Simple at-home steps to recreate this look:

1.      Start with using a volumizer on damp hair’s roots. (Try Gatsby Salon’s Texture Lift, $12.50 available by calling 732.752.4247)

2.      Use a blow dryer to remove excess moisture from hair.

3.      Section hair into five sections. A right and left section at the nape of the neck, a section on the right and left sides of your head, and the top of your head.

4.      Blowdry each section using a round brush and dry hair in a vertical direction, pulling the hair straight up from your head to create volume and lift at the root. 

5.      After entire head is dried, form the same 5 sections.  Use a 1 ½ inch barrel curling iron to curl sections, beginning at the bottom of hair sections.

6.      To create an arch and bend at the root, place the iron on the root and pull upwards as you move it to the ends of the hair. 

7.      Once the iron has reached the ends, keep the curling iron horizontal as you rotate the iron back towards the root area, creating a curl. Once hair is heated in this position, release the iron from the hair, letting the hair fall.

8.      Follow immediately with a flexible hold hairspray (Try Gatsby Salon’s Structura Shaping Spray, $14.95) and allow hair to cool.

9.      Repeat steps 6 through 8 until your entire head is curled.

10.Allow at least ten minutes for hair to cool entirely before touching it.

11.Turn head upside down and use a paddle brush to brush through your entire head.

12.Create a part that suits your style and use your fingers to tame and place hair to the direction you desire.

13.Complete style by using a holding spray to secure this look.