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Guest Post by Melanie Kasper. Check out her blog  www.societywellness.com

It is the New Year and time to feel like you need to participate in the obligatory health and fitness resolutions. If you are Fab Over Forty, you know this drill very well; diet, exercise, give up this, do more of that, it is the same story year after year. This year when it comes to fitness goals, why not “Try Something New”?

Let’s get inspired. Instead of marching right back onto that treadmill or elliptical machine, let’s take a look at what else we could do, that could change our bodies and our minds and get fit in the new year.

How about boxing?  


Two of the most popular female boxing movies of recent years are Girl Fight starring Michelle Rodriguez, and Million Dollar Baby starring Hilary Swank. If you saw these movies, you saw the rigorous workouts, and if you saw or read any interviews with these female stars you most certainly heard about the intense training schedule that lead up to shooting these films.

Fitness boxing

So now you are thinking, “there is no way I could do that” right? Well we set out to try it and found like anything, if you get good instruction, you can start right where you are (in our case beginner) and in no time, you are working out authentically like a boxer would.

Boxing moves

We went to Jaco’s Boxing and Fitness in Sarasota FL jacoboxing.com to try it out, and Naomi Chokr Photography followed us to capture the work out for you. Husband and Wife owners Adam and Kelli are a fitness force to be reckoned with and put us through the paces. It was fun and challenging, and after all of the punching, kicking, and cross training, we found the next day our cores were the most sore, and we didn’t do one “crunch”.  Definitely do a search in your area and try an authentic boxing workout in the New Year!


How about Cross Fit?

Kettle bells

You may have heard a lot about Cross Fit over the last few years with the rise in popularity, and if you have not tried it, you should. What we loved most about the Cross Fit workout we did was the variety of exercises that we performed. Rowing, tire flipping, pull-ups on rings, kettle bells, dumbbells, barbells, and the list could go on and on.

Free weights

What better for a New Year fitness resolution, to start out with something that will give you a lot of variety with each and every workout right from the start, reducing the chances of boredom and dropout?


Cross Fit Sun Coast, also coincidentally another husband and wife team Justin and Stacy, both in tremendous shape. And like all true Cross Fit gyms, one of the main focuses is the sense of community that is created. Especially true if you have great trainers and owners. And if you like detailed plans, workouts, and goal setting, you will love the way progress is recorded and rewarded in Cross Fit.

Cross Fit

We want to remind everyone, that there is a workout, fitness facility, a style and personality for everyone. Whether you are trying Boxing, Cross Fit, Yoga, Spinning, Pilates, or other. If you try it out and have a bad or less than enjoyable experience the first couple times, don’t discount out that workout as a whole. There are many styles and approaches to all of these kinds of workouts, so please try a couple more facilities or teachers, before making your final decision if that workout modality is right for you.

Both of these workouts featured today, can be rather intense, and although there is always risk of injury with any workout, make sure your instructors are qualified, and are willing to work with you at your current fitness level. Consider asking around, if you hear that a lot of injuries are coming out of one particular gym or fitness center just beware. Your New Years resolution is to get healthy and fit, not injured!