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Yesterday Melanie Kasper of Society Wellness shared with us 9 Unique Benefits of Working Out with a Partner.  Today she shares with us examples of some of these exercises to do with a partner.

Partner Exercises

Partner Squat
Holds hands or forearms, pulling away from each other, sit back into a squat or “chair”, keep most of your weight in your heels. Encourage each other to stay as long as possible.


Partner Pushup and Squat
One person reaches hands to the floor preparing for a classic pushup. Give your partner one leg at a time; once they are holding both ankles they start chair squats. The person in the pushup position can just hold a static position or add the movement of a pushup in time with the partner doing squats – both go down both go up. Don’t forget to switch places and repeat.



Try Something New_Marina Jacks_1009 (426x640)


Long Jump Contest
Try to use your squat foundation to start, and on landing.

 Warrior pose

Back to Back Warrior 2
Step out wide standing back to back. Pick one side to start and turn that foot out (right foot for one person, left foot for the other). Bend that knee to a 90 degree angle, and press that knee toward each others knee to open hip and stretch the inner thighs. Keep the other leg straight and tight, place arms out and against each other at shoulder height. Both gaze out past bent knee.  Hold 10 deep breaths.

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Try Something New_Marina Jacks_1020 (640x426)

Up tap – Down tap
Side step onto a bench facing each other. Try to step up sideways targeting the outer thigh. Keep weight toward heel to protect the knee and work more glute, step down naturally. Tap the heel of the opposite foot to the bench or the ground. Switch places or directions to repeat. Do 15-25 on each side.

 Jump Squats

Jump Squats

Jump Squats

Jump Squats
Propel using all of your energy from your squat position, swing arms back and then reach arms up as you jump as high as you can. Land in same squat position as you started in, weight toward heels. Repeat 15-25x in as row.

 Table top

Partner Table Top with one leg up
Sit facing each other feet flat on the ground shoulder width apart. Place hands back underneath your shoulders, fingers pointing to partner. Lift you hips to create a “table”. Then each lift and extend your Right leg up and try to connect the bottom of your foot with one another. Keep pushing away from the ground through the arms and lifting and squeezing the glutes. Look up or at each other. Hold 5-10 deep breaths, rest and repeat both lifting and connecting Left leg.

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Partner One Leg Forward Fold
Sit facing each other, both people extend their Right leg and connect the bottoms of each other’s feet. Left leg is pulled up and in, foot toward inner thigh with open hip. Reach forward and hold hands. You may need to bend your Right knee a bit, that’s ok, working toward both having a straight extended leg with a forward fold. Hold for at least 10 deep breaths, repeat using other legs.

 Straddle boat pose

Straddle Boat Pose
This one is tricky. The flexibility of each person will determine if you grab hands first or place legs first. Most of the time it is easier to try and place the legs in position first, then reach for each other one hand at a time. Good luck! Remember if you can’t get this version; keep the legs on the ground, holding hands and alternate pulling each other into a forward stretch.


Photography by http://www.naomichokr.com