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Today’s guest post is by Melanie Kasper, fitness expert and founder of Society Wellness 

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1. Face to face time with a friend. With our busy lives and our digital world, we find less and less quality time with our closest friends. Email, text, Facebook and phone calls have taken over. A great healthy way to multi task is to enjoy some quality time while working out with a friend.

2. Building trust with any friend is important. In a workout this can be done physically and emotionally at the same time.

3. Blow off some steam by allowing some “playtime” with your partner. Goofing off can be a fun way to burn calories. Activities like short sprint races, long jump contests, and utilizing playground equipment, can make you feel like a kid again.

4. Enjoy having someone to lean on and watch the time fly by! Workouts with another person are great to help distract you from how long you are doing a challenging rep, set, pose, or stretch.

5. Take turns counting or timing reps or sets. One person can share what is on their mind, vent, or blow off steam, while the other person actively listens and counts. This can be a great therapy session!

6. Most people experience that working out with a partner gives them added motivation by pushing each other to their maximum capability because of the positive encouragement.

7. Accountability, accountability, accountability. If you set a time and a place to meet, it is much harder to cancel that appointment when someone else is counting on you to show up.

8. You might teach each other a thing or two, bringing fresh ideas from other sources for each other to try.

9. Having a partner to actually push your or pull you into deeper stretches that you couldn’t do on your own. (Of course be careful) Remember to listen, communicate and build trust.

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