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Sports Bra

This past winter I started a fitness regimen that has helped me with not only losing weight but getting fit. One thing that always bothered me is finding a decent sports bra that doesn’t cost a fortune and supports the girls.  I need support. I can’t wear those sports bras that are all elastic and basically flatten the girls like pancakes. Not only do they look ridiculous on those of us that are bigger than an A or B cup, they don’t offer the support we require.

I had a so-so sports bra when I started my fitness program, but then when I lost weight I needed to toss those and find something new. It lead me to try on more sports bras than I care to admit. And then I found one I consider to be “the one” for me and I could stop trying on sports bras and declare success!  The Vixen by Moving Comfort fits so great, supports and lifts the girls, has molded padding (so the padding doesn’t scrunch up) which I like padding because I don’t need to be showing any nip action when I’m working out and it stays put no matter if you’re lifting, pushing, pulling – well you get the picture.

Sports Bra 2

I like how this feel on the back as well as the front. It doesn’t creep up when moving because the band has these textured soft, yet nubby grippers that keep it in place. The back also has breathable venting.  The Vixen by Moving Comfort comes in A/B or C/D cups from size 30 -40.  Another plus, it’s only $38, not $50 or $60 like I’ve seen some that don’t offer nearly as much support and comfort as this bra. It comes in a variety of colors as well.  What’s your favorite sports bra?