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Gillette VenusDo you have a go-to razor? Mine for years has been Gillette Venus and the 5 blades are genius – who knew a person could get such a smooth shave, right? But recently when I was on vacation I kept on wishing I had a razor for travel. The regular Gillette Venus doesn’t come in a case or with a lid over the blades to protect them, so it’s quite a problem when you need to bring a razor with you somewhere other than your own shower. It’s always something that has bothered me when I travel. And when I’m at the gym and realize that I need to shave, my gym offers those horrible disposable razors that I would rather not use. They serve up more nicks and cuts than I care to endure. Now Gillette Venus has this new razor for on the go moments called Venus Snap!  I love it!

Such a brilliant idea – and seriously why has it taken so long! But, now that it’s here believe me when I say one will always be in my gym bag and one in my travel bag. Gillette thought this was such a great idea too they even teamed up with popular video blogger Tessa Violet to come up with the oh-so clever Venus Snap Song. The tune is about those oops moments and when you realize you need a razor. You have to admit you’ve had them. I know I have!  Some of the oops moments that Tessa sings about I hadn’t thought of, but are so true!

Check out her cute video, then tell me – do you have those oops moments?


This is a sponsored post from Gillette, and all opinions and results are mine and yours may vary.