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Why is it that when men age they can look more rugged and thus making them more handsome?  And women, if they start aging, well people start whispering “she doesn’t take care of herself!” or “honey, they have surgeons for that!”

But recently, I was noticing my husband’s skin was looking beyond rugged.  It was looking down right very dehydrated.    He’s used a few of my products when I’ve “forced” them on him, but of course he doesn’t want them A. to be greasy, or B. to be girly.    Can’t say I blame him.  But at least he’s willing to use something, and more and more men are.

So I asked the Sothy’s skincare specialists what men need in their skincare that is different than what women need?  

One thing that men want is quick and easy application.  It can be tough enough to get some men to use anything on their skin, and most aren’t going to use a zillion products like women will.   So it has to be effective.

Men’s skin can be more sensitive because of all the havoc shaving can be on their faces.  Think about it – we complain about having to shave our legs a few times a week – they shave every day!  So their skincare has to be non-irritating.

Lastly their skin needs moisture just like ours, but anti-aging treatments are also a plus.   

Sothy’s Homme System is a luxury skincare line for men.   They have several products depending on how involved with skincare the man in your life wants to be.   From exfoliating scrubs, to detoxifying cleansers, and age defying gels and creams, even eye creams all to keep him from looking “overly” rugged.

My husband has been using the Soothing After Shave Balm, which repairs and calms razor burns, and leaves his skin feeling great.    He’s also been using the Age Defying Active Care, which is a gel-cream that reduces the look of wrinkles and slows new ones from appearing.  

I’ve noticed a significant difference in his skin and reduction of the deep lines on his face.   It also meets both his criteria – it’s not greasy nor is it girly.  And remember, Father’s Day is just around the corner!