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Meili and Grace

Ready to ditch all those jars and bottles of skincare? Well, I wouldn’t get that dramatic yet, but here’s another thought to preventing wrinkles – sleeping on silk.  I’ve had a few of you Fab Over 40 readers tell me that your silk pillow cases are the way to go. You’ve told me that you wake up without those creases and lines in your face from a cotton pillow case because the silk ones are so smooth that your face doesn’t smoosh up like a Shar Pei.

Meili & Grace are known as the Anti-Aging Pillowcases made out of 100% fine silk.  These pillowcases have a unique weave and property that helps to retain the skin’s hydration rather than deplete it. So not only do they feel super soft, smooth and luxurious on your skin, they can help your skin look good too. The owner of Meili & Grace did a lot of searching to find the right silk fibers and a lot of research went into making them as well. While I can’t say I look any younger since using my pillowcase, they do make the skin feel incredibly soft!

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