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If you’re the kind of gal who likes things simplified, natural and easy to use this product is for you!   Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion has nothing complicated about it, yet is effective as many complicated skin care systems.

This Shielding Lotion was created for dry skin to keep irritants at bay and moisture locked in.  They recommend that at first you may need to apply several times a day to build up the moisture retention in your skin and after a few days you will only need to use twice a day.   I completely agree with that statement.

I had been testing several different skin care products and from changing them so often my skin was screaming “STOP!”.   So for a day or so I quit using anything on my face to get it to calm down.   Well, that didn’t work either – I still needed moisture on my face.    I had been using  this Shielding Lotion on my body and especially on my eczema flare ups and it was working really nicely.   It’s a lightweight lotion that goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly.   Then I noticed it said on the bottle it was for the face as well.  Hmm, do I dare?

The skeptic that I can be, I’m typically not one to use something that I put on my arms and legs on my face as well – it just seemed too simple for a lack of a better word.  But, actually that’s what my face needed about then.  So one night I applied it before bed and I noticed the next morning that the skin on my face had calmed down.   The spots that were red and irritated on my cheeks were noticebly less red and irritated.   After only two days of using this on my face, all the irritation was gone and my face was moisturized.  

For my skin being a bit drier, especially now in the cool weather – I agree that you would have to use this several times a day for a few days before paring down to the twice a day routine to get the moisture level in your skin where you want it.   So if you’re looking for that simplified, natural all-purpose skin care, I highly recommend Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion.  It’s available at many national drug stores, or go to their website and you can enter your zip code to find the nearest store to you.

The company is also offering a free bottle to one Fabulous Over Forty reader!   Just enter your name in the comments by Sunday, October 25th 5:00 p.m. CST for a chance to win. US residents only.  You can enter once daily, and winner will be chosen at random.