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Have you ever been so annoyed with something because it just won’t go away no matter what you do?  And then you find THE ONE.  THE ONLY.  THE CURE.  My one, only and cure is Shea Cream from By Elizabeth Dehn.

It’s a well known fact that if you suffer from eczema and are under stress it can flare up badly.   That’s what happened to me last month – a slight case hit and so I put on my regular lotion that can usually work if caught early on.   It did nothing.   So I stepped it up to my prescription steroid cream, which has always been my go-to when nothing else works.   It too did nothing.   And my eczema got worse as the stress got worse.   So when the oh-so fabulous Elizabeth Dehn contacted me to try out the Shea Cream from her new skincare line By Elizabeth Dehn, I knew it wouldn’t hurt, but didn’t have high expectations it would become for me THE CURE.

This isn’t a typical cream or lotion, it’s made without preservatives, chemicals or synthetics but it is made with wildcraft harvested shea butter, vitamin E, cold expelled pressed shea oil, rosehip seed oil, calendula oil, and a blend of organic essential oils.   Things you can spell and understand what they are.  This is not only a luxury, its my new necessity.  Oh, and the packaging is gorgeous too, just like Elizabeth.

Warm a little bit in your hands and press into the skin to make it soft, itch and eczema free.  And it works wonders on that unexpected sunburn too.  I will definitely be re-stocking this when it’s gone.  THE END.