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 avon-anew-gold-emulsionAvon’s ANEW Ultimate Age Repair Gold Emulsion is a new addition to several skincare lines that are putting gold into their products, with gold being touted as a powerful anti-aging treatment.  

Avon says that this contains Gold Polypeptide Complex and Pro-Sirtuin TX which work together to improve moisture and strengthen the skin, while fighting against deep wrinkles.

Their clinincal and consumer testing resulted in:

  • Immediately, skin’s moisture levels surge by more than 400%
  •  In just three days, the look of deep wrinkles begins to soften
  • After ten days, skin looks supported and more resilient
  • In two weeks, skin looks up to five years younger
  •  Over time, density is restored to skin by up to 25% and skin is more
     cushioned and younger looking.

Here’s what my tester Bob had to say:

Overall, I do like the Avon product.  I certainly see a difference in the morning with my skin looking fresher. It’s easy to apply and you don’t need very much of the product.  The product feels fresh when I apply  and  has a light scent which is quite refreshing.  It’s not an overpowering scent.

 The issue I have is that it feels a bit “heavy” when applying – meaning even with just a little, it takes quite awhile for the skin to absorb.  I think I’d like it much better when it’s less humid and my skin is dryer.  I’m sure it would absorb more rapidly.  Just with summertime and high humidity, my face still feels a bit tacky after applying. 

This is available thru an Avon representative or online at www.avon.com