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Kate Somerville

My love of Kate Somerville products continues. Last month it became inevitable that I needed a change in my skincare products and routine. You know how it can be, it’s like exercise. Do the same thing over and over and over again and your body becomes so used to it that it seems like it’s not doing any good. That was me with my skincare. So while in NY when my skin looked the worst it had in decades I decided I had the world of options at my fingertips, and I needed to check them out.

I heard about this Kate Somerville line, developed by an LA Dermatologist, from reading about it in magazines so I knew it was one of the lines I wanted to check out. You know how it is when you put just a pump of something on the back of your hand and you know whether it’s right or not, well I knew this line was right for me.

I purchased the Gentle Cleanser and felt an immediate difference. Well the same can be said about this Quench Hydrating Serum. It brought my skin back to life. It’s an anti-aging and hydrating formula that boosts your skin’s ability to stay hydrated. One of the things I was shocked to learn was that you should put this serum on AFTER your moisturizer. What? Really? I’ve always been taught to put serum on before moisturizing. Out with the rules! Put it on after your moisturizer to lock in extra hydration, that way your skin won’t look dried out and feel dried out. One of the bonuses of this Quench Serum is that it is $60. Not triple the price like some serums can be. I sampled a few other products and am waiting for my order to arrive. I’ll be sure to let you know the details about those. Lovely I’m sure.