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I love it when you can go to the local drugstore/Target/WalMart and find a product that blows you away.   This Pure & Natural liquid handsoap in the soothing formula oatmeal and shea butter is one such find.  

Do you ever get tired of all the antibacterial hand soaps?   I know they are good for germs and such, but they are seriously drying to my hands.   I swear they cause more wrinkles than general aging, and at my age I don’t need to speed the aging process!  

This little brown bottle caught my eye for several reasons; I love shea butter and oatmeal – both are wonderful skin soothing products, it’s 98% natural origin, paraben free and the bottle is made of recycled materials.   Good enough reasons for me to try.

This scent is utterly heavenly and after washing my hands with this I don’t have the urge to instantly put on hand lotion.  I now think I must go back and try the additional products of bar soaps and body washes that are in the line.   Here are the scents that are available:

  • Moisturizing:  Almond Oil & Cherry Blossom
  • Renewing:  Grapefruit & Pomegranate
  • Cleansing:  Rosemary & Mint
  • Exfoliating:  Vanilla Seeds & Mango Butter
  • Soothing:  Oatmeal & Shea Butter