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OK, OK, I promise to get off the sunscreen ritual, but I have a couple of sunscreens that I’d like to share with you.

Don’t you just despise greasy sunscreens? I feel like they clog the pores and it makes you not want to use them if you have to get your hands and the rest of your body all goopy.

This Neutrogena Fresh Cooling sunscreen prevents all of that. You spray it on, so your hands don’t get all greasy and sticky and the best part is, it dries on your skin in nearly an instant. No need to rub, just spray and magically you’re protected and not greasy. Sunscreens contain blockers of UVB rays, but this contains Helioplex which helps prevent the breakdown of the UVA (the more damaging ones) for a longer period of time.

Peter Thomas Roth

The other fab find is this Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 30. I use this on my face and it works great for a few reasons. First off, no grease. It has the mineral powder in the handle of the brush and you just turn it upside down to get the powder to move to the brush and swirl it on your face. The other reason? Convenience. You can pop this little applicator in a bag and swipe if on your face several times throughout the day. You’re able to keep your makeup on and apply this right over it without smearing anything.

What a great way to keep your flawless makeup fabulous!