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Being the somewhat germaphobe that I am, I always keep a hand sanitizer within reach.  I am certain they have prevented many a sick times when riding the bus, the subway or even shopping at my local grocery store.   As I write this my stomach churns thinking about the handles on those grocery carts.  Literally.  It makes me want to throw up. 

Most hand santizers have a strong anti-bacterial smell to them and most are very drying to your skin.   But, Intelligent Nutrients Organic Hand Sanitizer is neither.   No strong smell and your hands don’t feel like the Sahara Desert after using it.   This isn’t that goopy gel either.  Nope, it’s a convenient spray that kills 99.99% of germs effectively with certified organic ingredients like vanilla and peppermint essential oils.  

From now on, I am throwing away those medicinal smelling gels and won’t be without my IN spray.   Repeat after me – “Flu season”.   Need I say more?