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A few months back when I was at Rancho La Puerta, one of the bloggers in our group was Nancy Loo.   Nancy is a TV reporter for WGN America and has a blog Big Tiny World.  Nancy’s one of these women that is very friendly, has more energy in her tiny finger than most do in their whole body, never wants to miss out on any opportunity to try something new in life and is truly genuine. 

So when Nancy asked me if I’d be interested in trying MAYLÁN Skincare line because she uses it and loves it, I had to give it a try!  Nancy is even their official spokesperson.   MAYLÁN sent me the Natural Herbal Cleanser and the Silk and Honey Rejuvenating Overnight Cream to try.

MAYLÁN means “natural beauty” and was created especially for sensitive skin and is a balanced blend of nature, art and science.  The Silk and Honey Rejuvenating Overnight Cream was originally created by Dr. Henry Chan for his wife’s sensitive skin and became so popular that a whole line of products were created to work with sensitive skin, but still are effective.

The Natural Herb Cleanser initially surprised me.  It’s not a cream or a lotion or a foaming cleanser.   No, it’s a liquid, with a consistency like a typical toner.  I had never used a cleanser like this before.  You put it on cotton pads and wipe your face until the pads are clean.   I like how my face never felt dry or irritated, yet fresh and clean.   For those of you who are not cleansing your face at night because of one reason or another, this would be a perfect cleanser for you to get you started on a new skin care regimen.  It will get you to finally go to bed with a clean face without all the soaps and lathering and washing. It’s incredibly easy to use and very gentle to the skin.

The Silk and Honey Rejuvenating Overnight Cream is a thicker, rich cream, but it doesn’t leave my skin greasy or feel heavy on my face.  You won’t see immediate results or changes in your skin with this.  It’s not meant to work that way.   Many skin care products that you may see immediate results with can be too harsh for people with sensitivities or skin irritations.   Long term, this gives you the same results, but again I stress, the key is over time.   When my skin is irritated from my sensitivities to things and the cold and wind of nature, I can count on this to soothe my skin at night.

To learn more about MAYLÁN or purchase, check out their website at www.maylanskincare.com .  Currently the only retail outlet is in Houston.