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We interrupt this work day to bring you… aahhhh.

What, you say? Well, I received a call about a week ago from Sal at the Nars counter in Minneapolis Macys offering to do a lunchtime facial. I am a sucker, no make that ultimate LOVER of facials. Nothing, I mean NOTHING relaxes me more than a facial – not even meditation (which only gives me quiet time to try and organize my life, make check lists etc).

EFA Night Infusion

First off, the spa room was set up with candles burning – he had the Oran and Bosphorus candles burning – divine and relaxing just stepping into the room.

Here’s a list of products that were used on my face:

Sal said he tried to find a wrinkle on my face and claimed he couldn’t (believe me, I’m sure he did!) but that I also had UBER dry skin, which their new EFA Night Infusion and Potent EFA Cream would really help me in that case.

I went back to work in an hour with a smile on my face (um hello – who doesn’t love a compliment like the one with no wrinkles) and so relaxed that nothing was going to stress me out the rest of the day.