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100202Lately it seems like I’ve been getting compliments on my skin looking so good.   I’m not bragging, as I know most of it is in the genes for which I can’t control, thanks mom! 

But what I can control is how I take care of my skin, which I think is a number one priority in my daily routine.

There are a few products that I have been using on a regular basis that I have found to be wonderful for my skin, and I wanted to share with you what my “secret” is.

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If you’ve been reading Fabulous Over Forty for any period of time, you know that I am a skincare “fanatic” and that I have never (even as a teenager) gone to bed without washing my face.    About a year ago I was introduced to the Kate Somerville line of skincare at Henri Bendel.   I thought I’d start slowly, and try the Gentle Daily Face Wash first.   I was immediately hooked.   It makes a nice lather, isn’t drying in the least bit, very gentle and it also has a slight scent of lavender (not too overpowering).  I’ve tried a few other cleansers within the last year, but always come back to this.

How could I take my skincare regimen to the next level?   Add the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush System, of course.  I put this on my Christmas list and Santa complied!  If you’ve ever used a Sonicare toothbrush it works basically in the same manner.  Rotating brushes deep clean gently but effectively.   It says it makes your skin 2 x’s cleaner and I believe every word of it.   My skin is amazingly soft and clean feeling after using this every night – it’s addicting!  It’s not cheap at $195, but it is definitely worth every penny.

If you go to the Kate Somerville website, you can fill out a form describing your skin care needs/wants.   They will email you back the recommendations or call you back.   I received a call back after filling out my form, wanting to again take things to the next level.  

The consultant highly recommended I try the Micro Glycolic Polishermicro-glycolic-polisher

This is professional strength peel that is very easy to use, and I use it every Sunday night.  I don’t have time to be spending 20 minutes a night doing peels and scrubs, and this works perfectly.    I put about 5 pumps on a cotton square and rub it on my face.   Leave it on for about 3 minutes and my face feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom.   It contains 4% glycolic acid,  which for me is a great amount because I have used stronger and they are just way too harsh on my sensitive skin.  It also has a lactic acid that works with the glycolic acid to create a peel that gives amazing results without being harsh.  It also has blue lotus extract to calm the skin as well as antioxidant benefits.

The other product they recommended was ExfoliKate, which I use on Wednesday nights.  They suggested that I only use these products one time a week each and a few days apart.   

exfolicateThis is a fruit enzyme exfoliator that I call my “green goop”.    Gently rub this on your face – leave on for 30 seconds to about a minute and it removes dead skin cells, and leaves your face glowing.   The quickness in which these products work is nothing short of amazing.  

I love the fact that I can get wonderful results in a very short period of time with all the Kate Somerville products.   I have never tried a product from the line that I didn’t love.  The body lotion is incredible and I have spoken about it here.

I’ve also used Quench from the line as well as having listed the Gentle Daily Cleanser as one of my Fabulous Products of 2008 .  The Kate Somerville clinic is a hot spot for Hollywood celebrities too.  I only wish the Kate Somerville clinic was near me, as I definitely would be there having my skin pampered often!