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Lancome Visionnaire

I am oftentimes asked what I use for skincare. Believe it or not, I can find that a difficult question to answer. I actually use many different products, depending on the time of day (morning vs night) and depending on how my skin is feeling. But my daily moisturizers are by Lancome, Visionnaire in the Rich Cream formula and Visionnaire Nuit for night time.

Visionnaire Rich Cream

While I would say my skin is no longer oily, it isn’t real dry either. Almost in the normal to maybe slightly dry range. Initially I thought the Rich Cream formula would be too heavy for my skin type (it is available in just a cream formula as well), but it’s not at all.  In fact for a rich formula it’s quite lightweight and absorbs very quickly. I try many, many skincare products and I absolutely love the way this makes my skin feel. Soft, plumped, well hydrated and quite smooth and poreless.

Lancome Visionnaire Night cream

The night cream, Visionnaire Nuit is a really unique formula. It’s a gel that turns into an oil.  Now before you get all “I’m not using an oil” on me, let me explain. The gel formula is quite lightweight in itself, but as soon as you start rubbing it into the skin it changes texture a bit and becomes an oil. Not a heavy oil like cleansing oils can be, or even as heavy as some oil serums or moisturizers. This is one is barely noticeable as an oil – it just feels like the gel going on your skin. And I love how easily it goes on and how moisturized my skin feels when it’s on. It truly just melts into my skin.

Throughout the day my skin feels continually moisturized. Not dry an hour or two after applying like I can get with other moisturizers.  I recently had someone say to me that they thought I got Botox regularly. Not true. I’ve only done that one time and it was nearly 2 years ago. I just take really good care of my skin, drink a whole lot of water daily, and use sunscreen. I’ll be sharing in the near future more of my must-have skincare products.

Have you tried either of these products? I’d love to hear what you think or what you use!