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I am a true, self professed, skin care addict. Always have been and always will be. Ever since I was in my early teens I’ve always washed my face before bed, no matter how late or what state of mind I may be in, my face does not touch the pillow until it’s makeup free. In the future I’ll be discussing my skin care regimen, but today it’s all about the mask.

Just like in the Jim Carrey movie The Mask, once you put a mask on your face, you too can become a super hero. Well, not really, but you get my drift – your skin will be super at least! A moisturizing mask is a must at least once a week even if you are prone to oily skin like me.

I really like this Artdeco Caviar Lifting Mask. It firms, reduces fine lines and moisturizes wonderfully. And the best part is that it is only $35 and available at Walgreens. It’s part of the European Skin Care Line and Artdeco is from Germany where it’s a high end, expensive line of skincare. Don’t you love it when you can find great products at drugstore prices!
Here’s a tip on applying masks. Apply your mask and then hop in the shower. The steam from your shower will help the mask penetrate your skin and make it feel even more fabulous. Now go face the day in “Super Hero” mode!