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Nancy Boy

Have you heard of Nancy Boy?   I hadn’t either until Brad, a friend of mine, forwarded me the monthly newsletter from Nancy Boy.  The two men Eric and Jack behind the Nancy Boy label have THE FUNNIEST writing I have ever encountered, hands down.   Every time I read their newsletter I envision what they look like and think of them as my friends – even though they don’t know it yet.   The company doesn’t spend ridiculous amounts of money on advertising, as most of their business is word of mouth and they’ve been very successful marketing that way.   The money they save on marketing is put into quality products.

Brad is also a huge fan of their line of products too, not just the newsletter. The products are created in Berkeley, CA with a family owned lab that they partnered with, which creates pharmaceutical-grade products specializing in 100% natural essential plant oils – the signature of Nancy Boy.  Some of Brads favorite products are the Signature Shave Cream – he says even though it’s lightly scented his sensitive nose and skin don’t mind.   The texture of the cream is really light weight and easy to apply – no need to completely wet your face down first, and the scent is really nice.   He said people have commented to him that he smells nice – even later in the day when all he has used is this shaving cream.  The other product he really likes is the hair Styling Gel.  It gives your hair nice shine and there’s no hard crunchy hair like other typical gels will do to your hair.

But ladies, don’t fret, their products are for women too!   They have an Ultramarine Night Cream  said to rival Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Re-Creation Night Cream.  Their price is $50 for 2 oz. and Estee Lauder’s is $450 for 1.7 oz.    The Replenishing Facial Moisturizer  is $25 for 2 oz. and said to rival Sisley of Paris Botanical Moisturizer with Cucumber at $145 for 1.7 oz.  I like the value of that!

For the man (and woman) that wants a product on his body that he can actually pronounce the ingredients, and you want a laugh to boot – give Nancy Boy a try.   If you don’t live near San Fran or Sonoma County, online is the only way to get the products.   And be sure to sign up for the newsletter, you won’t regret it.