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Luxtural™  “When luxury meets nature at your skin”

Initially inspired by nature and its basic elements, Luxtural skin care captures the best qualities of cutting-edge cosmetic technology and holistic medicine from ancient cultures, creating the perfect luxury product line for the prestige market.

The premiere of three treatment products are:

  1. Mystique Fountain – facial deep hydrating mist
  2. Silk Premonition – facial deep moisturizing anti-aging lotion
  3. Sophisticated Veil – facial anti-aging deep moisturizing serum

Kathy tried these products and here is what she had to say:

This line of skin care (there are only three products currently) comes in deep purple packaging with silver printing–unfortunately this makes the packaging a bit hard to read (for eyes over forty).  Ah well.

I used all three products for about 4 or 5 days, in the morning.  The product literature claims that the natural rain water in the products makes for a uniquely soft and silky texture, and that was indeed the very first quality I noticed.   The products literally glide on like silk, with the texture of finest powder; there is not a single touch of greasiness to the products.   In combination, they felt like they worked very well to make my face feel rehydrated and moisturized but without the feeling of oiliness or cloying emollients I sometimes get form a series of three products used in the morning.

These products are made without any “controversial” ingredients, and in addition to rainwater, the line uses rate herbal extracts, seaweed and peptides (whatever those are).  There is a moderate scent of aromatic herbs about the Luxtural line which, while non-offensive, was not particularly appealing to me.   And for what these products retail at ($414 for the three products–one size only).  I want to absolutely love the scent of something I’m applying every day.   That complaint aside, this line seems to actually deliver on what it promises.

You can purchase Luxtural skin care at www.luxtural.com and thru Feb. 14, 2009 the set of three are available for $336.00