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Love Life Skin is a skincare line created by doctors after seeing cancer patients suffer from irritation and other skin related issues when going through treatments like radiation and chemotherapy.   These treatments can be very harsh on skin and some of the products many of the patients had been using would irritate it further or do nothing for the irritation.  Love Life Skin was created with this in mind.

There are 31 natural botanicals and antioxidants in the skin care and what’s not in it?  Parbens, sulfates and fragrances.   Things that can cause further irritation and have been known to cause cancers as well.   I was asked to try the line, and since I was currently testing another line, I asked one of my sisters if she would be interested.   She can be a harsh critic – like telling me the previous skincare I sent to her set off the alarms when going thru security at the airport!  Apparently some mineral in that skin care line wasn’t liked by the TSA!  I told her I highly doubt that would happen with Love Life Skin.

She called me a few days after first trying it to tell me what she already thought – she was loving it!   A few short weeks later, this is what she had to say:

“I’ve used the products for a few week now.  It is a 3-part regimen and after cleansing I put on the Intensive Recovery Serum.  The serum has a feel on your face, almost like a toner.  It goes on like it is tightening the skin yet filling in all the creases for a smooth feel.  The next product is a Revitalizing Eye cream.  It may be my “wishful” thinking, but I believe it actually lightens the dark circles around my eyes.  I tend to get puffy eyes with dark circles due to my allergies and I really think this is helping.  Next is the Restorative Moisturizer.  It is a creamy, soft moisturizer that feels heavy when you first put it on, but quickly becomes a soft light feel.  I use all 3 products at night and in the morning under my makeup.  I love how this makes my skin feel so soft.  This is one of the best lines I’ve tried in a long time.”