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Over the last several months I have read quite a bit about Lisa Hoffman products.   I’ve wanted to try them, but since I am sensitive to scents I typically will not just splurge on something that is scented for risk of irritation.  I feel I must see and try it in person first.   I had that opportunity this past week while in New York to check out the Lisa Hoffman products and I am impressed!

First of all, Lisa Hoffman did not just put her famous name (Dustin’s wife) on some products that someone else created.  No, she has worked for years as a “kitchen chemist” creating unique skin formulations and after 6 years in development, launched Lisa Hoffman Beauty.  She thought about what is  not just nice looking, but truly effective products.

This Body Oil is step 3 in the Spa Bath Collection and I must say, I am beyond impressed and obsessed!   While still damp from the shower, apply this lightweight body oil on your skin and it soaks right in, leaving it freshly scented with Japanese Agarwood and very moisturized with Sesame Seed Oil, Brazil Nut Seed Oil & Squalane.  

I have used this every day since receiving it and just a little goes a long way.    I’m sure it will help prevent my skin from being so dry now that fall and winter are right around the corner. 

It’s available at Fred Segal  and online at www.lisahoffmanbeauty.com and www.dermstore.com for $29 and worth every penny.