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Chanel Weekend

Here I go ranting and raving again, this time about Chanel Le Weekend skincare. Le Weekend is only one part of the trio of Resynchronizing Skincare line by Chanel, for day, night and weekend.

Le Weekend

The Chanel philosophy on this is that since life is hectic it not only throws life off balance, it throws our skin off balance too, which makes total sense to me and I know when life gets really stressful for me it definitely shows up in my skin.  My skin looks tired, dull and lifeless and bland.  Not a good look, but that’s exactly what this skincare line targets.  As I mentioned last week when discussing the Le Lift line of skincare, this too does not have the ingredient in it that typically has kept me away from Chanel skincare as I was quite sensitive to it.

The first product is Le Jour de Chanel, to be used weekly in the mornings before your moisturizer.  It’s made with Grasse Jasmine extract that invigorates the skin and it also has salicylic acid that gently exfoliates the skin and helps to minimize the look of pores on the face.  As I mentioned, this is used daily in the a.m. on the entire face and neck and then apply your moisturizer.  I have not tried this one piece in the trio to give my thoughts on it.

The second product is La Nuit de Chanel, to be used nightly to encourage nightly recovery of the skin, when most repair is done on the skin as we sleep.  This has Frankincense Extract to calm the skin and prepare it for the overnight repair. It also contains hyaluronic acid to help restore hydration to the skin, keeping it plumped up. If you are dry and feel you need further moisture, it can be used after applying the La Nuit de Chanel.  I have used a small sample of this after I purchased Le Weekend and really, really like it.  (Yes, not 1 really, but 2!) In the morning my skin looked “alive” and well moisturized.  I did not use an additional moisturizer on top of this at night, but I can see that when the weather turns cooler and the furnace goes on and the air is drier I– may want to add a moisturizer on top. I will be heading back to purchase this!

But the one of the three that I am really obsessed about right now is the Le Weekend de Chanel. This is used on the weekends morning and evenings to the face and neck and you use it in place of serum and moisturizer – just this one product is used (and sunscreen of course). Just like we personally like to simplify life and give our work a break, Le Weekend is designed to give our skin a much needed weekend break, too. But this doesn’t take the weekend off, it works hard but in a simplified manner.  It’s made with relaxing Rose Water, a gentle Glycolic Acid Complex for gradual exfoliation to prevent it from drying out the skin, making the skin softer and more luminous.

I like Le Weekend for several reasons – one being I just like the simplicity of it all.  Knowing I still have a workhorse of a product on my face, but that I didn’t have to put 2 or 3 or more products on to see the effects is great.  My skin feels great!  And I was recently talking with a makeup artists that works for another line and he was telling me how obsessed he is with Le Weekend, too. He is intrigued by the exfoliation that happens on his face and knows he is getting rid of the “gross stuff” as he put it, in his skin.  The lightweight texture moisturized and absorbs very quickly and leaves my skin soft.-

The Synchronized Skincare line is exclusive to Nordstrom at this time and Heather at MOA Nordstrom was a great help to me! 952-883-2121

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