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Now that many of us are finally experiencing spring, we’re getting outside more and we all know that means more sun exposure and more sun protection is needed.   Typically eye creams don’t have sunscreen, but this Lancome Benfait Multi-Vital Eye has a high SPF of 28.  So now you can get the anti-aging benefits of an eye cream and the protection from the sun all in one.

This eye cream offers many hydrating benefits and the anti-aging benefits are from Moringa Tree Extract and Vitamins E & B5 to protect against tough environmental factors.   

Because of the higher SPF in this cream, it does appear more whitish on the skin at first – similar to when you apply a sunscreen on your skin, but it does blend and absorb easily.  This is not greasy in the least bit, instead it’s more mattifying than anything.  The texture is very interesting because of the matteness the initial reaction is to think it’s not moisturizing, but instead its very moisturizing.   If you have oily skin or have troubles with concealers sliding off your skin this eye cream could work very well for your issues.

Save your skin!