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Kumaara is a new skincare line, available to the public beginning March 30th. 

Kumaara, Sanskrit for “youth”, is based on a 500 year tradition of using Indian Gooseberry as an anti-aging ingredient.  Today we know that Indian Gooseberry has a very high Vitamin C content. 

Their products also contain antioxidant fruit with organic Acai (we’ve all been hearing so much about Acai) and Goji Berries along with Floral Seed Extract working to create a powerful antioxidant blend with brightening effects, to improve skin’s density and elasticity.

After my face fiasco with another product, to say I was hesitant to try this is an understatement.  But I couldn’t leave my face unmoisturized, no matter how many red blotches or breakouts I had.   

The Overnight Repair Complex is said to smooth, firm, calm and brighten while you sleep.   And calming is exactly what my skin needed – so was I glutton for punishment, crazy or what?   I gave it a shot.   It’s a medium weight cream that was not greasy on my face and it did calm my face breakouts completely.  I enjoy using this as a night cream.

The Luminizing Eye Treatmentis also a lightweight lotion, said to lighten, brighten and de puff the under eye area.   It does have a lightener/brightener effect.   I don’t have puffy eyes, so I don’t know if that is true or not.  Because it is lightweight, it will probably be better for someone without dry winter type skin.   In a month or so, when my skin does a change over from super dry to sometimes being oily, it may work perfectly.

The Luminescent Primer is fantastic.   It’s not a gel based primer, but feels more like a lightweight lotion.  Slightly luminescent – no so much that you feel super shiny, but it keeps the daily oil on your skin at bay without drying.

The products range in prices of $39.99 – $49.99