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Kate Somerville Book

Kate Somerville has a new book called Complexion Perfection!  About a month or so ago I made a trip to my local bookstore checking out the beauty section.   I discovered Kate’s new book which had just come out.  Being the “superfan” of Kate Somerville products, I figured I must purchase the book!   And I can tell you it has not disappointed me one bit, even though I haven’t completely finished it.

Kate, a well known skin clinician with a famous Hollywood following, discusses how she got into the skin care business and her own struggles with eczema and her interest in bettering her skin and how it all things are connected.   She also discusses her foray into the eponymous skin care line and how well selected the products in her line are and the purpose of each ingredient within the product line.  I found it all to be very interesting since she talked about how stress in your life can show up in areas on your skin and how when she gets stressed it shows in her skin too.   About the time I started reading this book I personally was going thru some very stressful things and it was definitely showing up in my skin – not only irritated and tired looking, but flare ups of eczema as well, which she discusses how she combats those issues.   I couldn’t have read it at a better time.

Whether or not you are into Kate Somerville products, this is a must read if you are interested in having any kind of procedure done on your face.  If you’re contemplating injections, facials, peels or surgery this book explains all of those things in great detail and results you can expect and why she personally likes some things and not the others.   I also like how she explains certain things in our life can affect our skin as well and how important it is to take care of our skin and our bodies.  

I truly need to take time to finish the book (I’m almost there).  It’s an easy to read, comprehensible book and I now consider my “skin care bible”.