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JUARA Skincare is a line of botanically based skin care that was created by four young women who wanted to bring their Eastern traditions in skin care and combine it with Western science to create a product that brings out the best in both.   JUARA translated from the Indonesian language means “champion”, and the owners figured it was a great name – to champion your natural beauty!

The line encompasses a variety of skin and body care products from scrubs, masks, eye cream, lip balm, moisturizers and more.    I tested a few of the products in the line.

Tiare Jasmine Tea Bath & Shower Gel is a lightweight cleanser that smells nice, leaves the skin feeling soft and is rich in antioxidant tea extracts.   I just had a small sample, and when I used it I didn’t get a big, rich lather with it, which is OK because it smelled so nice and left my skin really soft.  $28

The Tiare Jasmine Tea Body Milk is a nice compliment to the Bath and Shower gel.  Both have the same scent, so the layering is quite nice.   This is a lightweight lotion that is good for skin that isn’t too dry, but still needs a nice moisturizer.   It too is rich in antioxidant-rich tea and calms stressed skin.   $30


The Candlenut Body Creme is my favorite of all the products I tried.   It’s a rich cream that isn’t heavy and absorbs quickly.   I had no greasy feeling on my skin and it felt wonderful!   The candlenut oil smells nice too.   If you have even slightly dry skin, I would highly recommend this – it is wonderful!    $35

And the last product I tried was the Sweet Black Tea Eye Creme.   The sample that was sent to me was small and only gave me about 10 days worth of product to try.   When using skin care, I typically like to try a product longer because it really takes a minimum of 4 weeks before you start to see the affects of the product.   But I will say this, for the week plus that I tried this eye cream I did like it.   It didn’t irritate my skin at all, it went on smoothly with no greasy feeling at all.   It’s really a very nice weight/texture for an eye cream and left my under eye area hydrated.     $37

Most of the products in the line are Paraben-free, Free of artificial colorants and the eye cream is fragrance-free too.    JUARAis available at juaraskincare.com or specialty boutiques across the country.