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I was flying home from NY the other day and hadn’t opened my new InStyle magazine until I got on the plane. I decided to turn my iPod on and indulge myself with no one bothering me, not even my sneezing, sniffling, coughing, miserable feeling husband (stinks when you get a cold on vacation).
Interestingly, they have an article called “What’s Age Got To Do With It?” where they polled 1,000 InStyle readers on what you really think about getting older.

In big bold letters it says that 68% say they are NOT afraid of aging, in fact, 67% like their looks more NOW than in their 20’s. Great!

It does not say what age range the pollsters were, but from that last statement I was guessing the average person was older than say 25. I was really feeling good about that statistic. I mean, women over 40 seem to be more confident in their careers, themselves and life in general, at least that’s what we’re told all the time whenever a celebrity over 40 is interviewed or pretty much any woman over 40.

But what was disturbing to me is on the very same page in the next column it said that 49% of 50 year olds have had or plan to have an eye lift, 42% have had or plan to have an injection like Botox, Restylane or collagen.

To me this is a direct contradiction in the first statement that 68% are not afraid of aging. Are women really being truthful to ourselves when we say we’re not afraid of aging? Do we really feel as comfortable in our skin at 40+ as we say we do? Maybe after all these years we still haven’t learned to be honest with ourselves after all.

I’m not cutting down anyone for having surgery or fillers or whatever it is they want to do, but the ironic thing is, we cut down Hollywood for their apparent over-use of such things, yet we cringe when we see aging on our own faces.

While in NY I was watching a story on the news about women in their 40’s+ getting cosmetic surgery to look younger in order to compete with the young 20 somethings in the work force. Seriously? Yes, seriously. It again gives me a visual of the vicious cycle of too many women walking around with stiff, pulled, tugged faces that look nothing like the 20 year olds they are trying to compete with, instead they just look stiff, pulled and tugged.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear.